Adapting your bathroom to make it more accessible can dramatically improve the quality of
life for older adults and anyone living with impaired mobility.
Here at SA Plumbing Supply, we’re passionate about inclusive spaces and providing families
with the solutions they need to create a safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. In
this blog post, we’ve rounded up the top four benefits of installing accessible bathroom
products in your home.

1. Create a safer living environment

Research shows that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home – and
it’s easy to see why. Pools of water on slippery surfaces can greatly increase the risk of falls,
while changes in elevation – like sitting down on the toilet or stepping into the shower or
bathtub – can be a dangerous task for people with reduced mobility.
Investing in accessibility allows you to create a safer and more secure living environment for
you and your loved ones. For example, shower seats and support rails can help prevent falls
in the bathroom, while walk-in bathtubs provide easy access without the dangers involved
with clambering over high edges and wet surfaces.
The exact configuration of products you choose to use depends on your space and your
requirements. It’s all about cultivating a space that works for your unique needs.

2. Accessibility can be beautiful

Creating an accessible bathroom doesn’t mean you have to compromise the aesthetic of
your home. While it’s true that accessibility products in the past may have looked a little
institutional, modern accessible bathroom solutions are designed with superb attention to
detail and are carefully crafted to enrich – not detract from – the look and feel of your home.
Here at SA Plumbing Supply, we’re proud to provide a broad range of products from some of
the leading names in bathroom accessibility, including HEWI, Pellet, Ponte Giulio and more.
Designed to offer the very best in both form and function, these product lines give you the
freedom to create a space that’s every bit as stylish as it is safe.

3. Future proof your home

Our needs change as we get older. A living space that may be perfectly suited to your needs
today may not be the best fit for your lifestyle in the future.
It’s important to be mindful of how your needs may evolve in the years ahead. While you
may not require an accessible bathroom in the here and now, it might be worth considering

making some adaptations before that time comes. Similarly, if there’s a possibility that older
relatives or mobility impaired friends or family may move in with you at some point, it might
make sense to make those adaptations sooner rather than later. This is particularly true if
you were planning on some renovations anyway – if you’re going to redo the bathroom, you
might as well go the extra mile and make it future proof, too!
Creating a more accessible home ensures that you and your loved ones will be able to
maintain a strong sense of independence and dignity, and continue to carry out your daily
routines with minimal external assistance.

4. Easy to install

While the thought of revamping your existing bathroom can be daunting, remember that this
doesn’t necessarily have to be a large-scale project. Sometimes, a few well-positioned
accessibility aids are all it takes to transform your bathroom into a safe and fully functional
In addition, all of the products at SA Plumbing Supply are easy to install, allowing you to
spend less time worrying about renovating and more time enjoying your new bathroom!

Shop accessible bathroom products

We’re passionate about universal design and helping Kiwi families create safe, beautiful,
inclusive bathrooms tailored to their needs.
For more than 70 years, SA Plumbing Supply has been New Zealand’s supplier of specialist
plumbing products that can’t be found in regular chain stores. We stock a wide range of
quality accessible bathroom products from some of the leading manufacturers in the United
States and Europe. Click here to view our products.


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