Made in Italy, EVER LIFE DESIGN finds its origin in the vision that Thermomat has gained through constantly observing reality by focusing an important issue:
How can an object of everyday use become much more innovative and performing and be used in various ways to meet the needs of a whole family, regarding the specific needs of each of its components and the differences among the same needs according to age?

EVER LIFE DESIGN, even taking into account the daily needs that change and take on specific characteristics, identifies itself with the idea that, at different ages, people can go on using the same place and the same furniture, if chosen carefully.

Modern design with clean lines you wouldn’t know these are Universal/Accessible suitable products – The Shine LED Light Bar rated to 150kg, Feel‘s beautiful wood finish rated to 120kg, padded shower seats that fold away (Tuck & Style) and finally ‘Soft’ Basins Bounce & Boing.